Thursday, July 12, 2012


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Today I stumbled upon a blog that was exclusively about couponing & rebating one's way to Disney World. Upon first glances, I was very intrigued and very doubtful.  How does one pay for her annual trip to Disney World by buying stuff? How does one save money by spending it? What exactly is a rebate? After delving a little further and doing some quick research, I've discovered the wonders of couponing. 

You have to understand that this kind of stuff is not popular in Australia.  Australia is a very expensive country with discounts here and there, but nothing too extravagant and nothing too excessive.  Australians (or at least Sydney-siders) don't do much of anything in excess. The food portions here are relatively small/average, the coffee cups are much smaller, (your tall is our grande) and Costco bulk buying is still a fairly new concept to Sydney. So couponing to get more stuff just doesn't seem to fit in to the "Aussie way of life"... at least in my humble opinion anyway. 

So fast forward to just a few moments ago where I'm researching (read googling) quite literally "coupons in Australia," and I've found nearly nothing... except 3 free powerball games via OZ Lotto for signing up which I obviously played. Other than groupon and spreets there really wasn't much to be found. Am I missing something? Do any of you folks know of any Aussie sites where I can begin this coupon obsession that is happening all over the states? Or am I right in assuming that the obsession is an American centralized habit of those trying to survive in the harsh economy + live in excess? 

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