Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sydney Spotlight

Hello and welcome to the very first edition of Sydney Spotlight! Every week I will endeavor to feature a new Sydney locale in the hopes to spotlight the vibrance of the Sydney community and also push myself to try out new places. It will be part adventure, part intrigue and all excitement. Sydney, I am learning, is an awesome city with much to offer, and I think it's important for me to catalogue my findings as much as I can. So today, I will share my latest in cocktail bar musings, Jester Seeds. 

Jester Seeds - 127 King Street, Newtown, 2042, NSW - 02 9557 7008

Jester Seeds is located at practically the end of King St, (just past the Marly for all you locals) where shops begin to change from kooky clothing into almost exclusively book stores and restaurants. It is for this reason I believe, that Jester Seeds is still rarely known.  Having been opened since before last Christmas, Jester Seeds is still fighting to find it's legs amongst the sea of well known cocktail lounges and pubs on King.  In all honesty, I wouldn't even have known of it's existence had I not seen it from a taxi window on my way home from the city one night. However, spot it I did, and I am oh so happy to have found this little gem.

From the front of house, the place looks rather tiny, but after ordering your drink at the bar, make your way through the tiny hallway and you'll find a large room furnished with sofas and lounges with the odd table and chair lining the wall.  Even past that room is an outdoor courtyard. Between those two rooms plus the front of house, you can easily fit 100 occupants. The thing is though, the place was practically deserted. The majority of the patrons hung about the courtyard while a couple loitered in the front room.  Miguel and I decided to make use of the large room in the middle, as we enjoyed the coziness of the decor and took joy in feeling like we had the whole place to ourselves. 

The menu itself was rather small, but featured an extensive array of cocktails. I found myself drinking the Applesinth the entire night, which was a lovely concoction of apple juice and absinthe, while Miguel dabbled between the Penicilin and Mr. Harley Quin.  I thought the Penicilin smelled ridiculously strong, but I think Miguel appreciated that the drink lived up to it's name and "cured" him for the night.  All drinks were good and were priced around the $16 range which is pretty standard for Sydney. I was particularly impressed with the bartender's skills and care with slicing up the orange peel that balanced on the rim of my champagne glass. I find it's little touches like that that made the experience enjoyable.   

Had it not been for the lack of vibe, (especially on a Friday night!) I think I'd be more inclined to come back.  Instead, I'm suggesting it as the go-to place the next time my group of friends gets together.  All in all, Jester Seeds is the perfect mix of good cocktails with a laid back attitude.  The staff is fantastic and the place looks great. I get the feeling that with just a little more time and maybe a little more advertisement, Jester Seeds will have it's fair share of returning customers, that it so obviously wants and deserves. Next time you're in the tail end of King St. with a couple of good mates, I definitely recommend checking it out! 

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