Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

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Sundays are probably my most favorite day of the week. I tend to fill the day doing things that will help me feel relaxed and ready for the impending work week ahead.  Sometimes I do things that spark my creativity, sometimes I practice baking, sometimes I do absolutely nothing.  Oh the sweetness of doing nothing.   

Today I think I'll finish a sweater project I started, give myself a manicure and browse through a couple magazines I purchased last week.  If I'm feeling so inclined, I'll meal plan out the week, clean out some of my closet and tidy up a few things around the apartment.  Nothing will be rushed and nothing will feel necessary. The only goal is to relax.

I find that whenever I give myself a lazy Sunday, I start the week feeling refreshed and ready, which to me is terribly important.  I also find when I don't give myself a nice Sunday, I get irritable and cranky plus I'm sure my productivity levels go way down hill. These days it can be so hard to get away from distractions even on the weekend.  Work distractions, Life distractions, Internet distractions can all affect me in both positive and negative ways  So for me, it's important to give myself even just a few moments to rejuvenate and forget the negative or even just plain out busy moments of the week before.  Sundays are my favorite time to do this.

I hope that whatever you're getting yourself into this week, you have even just a couple of moments to yourself as well.

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