Sunday, December 09, 2012


Photoshoot fun captured by @skuunk1

Watching: Most of my favorite shows have already ended for the year.  When X Factor aired it's last episode, I literally said aloud, now what? haha We don't have foxtel, (aussie cable conglomerate) so our TV options are limited.  The one thing that is still airing though is Survivor Philippines, and man am I loving it.  I'm really into this season, and am really interested if a veteran or a newbie will win the million. I'm kinda loving one from each side-- Penner & Malcom are both killin' it.  We're a few episodes behind down here, so if one of them got voted out don't spoil it!

Listening To: *NSYNC holiday radio station.  Their Home for Christmas is my favorite Christmas album of ALL TIME. Seriously. What? I'm a 90's kid! You can't blame me. ;]

Planning: on going to the shops to finish up my Christmas shopping. I'm about halfway done, and I still have all the wrapping to do. I normally wouldn't be so in a hurry to get the gifts done, but we're leaving for the Philippines in 2 days, and I want to make sure I've got everything covered before we leave.  

Thinking About: School. Holy moly guys, I got accepted into an Australian University! It's happened!! The big news came earlier this week, poigniently on my last day of work. Now all I keep thinking about is what it's going to like attending a new university, and I'm getting really excited for the new experiences ahead.  I particularly can't wait to be back with other students, and engaging in class again. So thankful for this early Christmas gift.

Making Me Happy: That my sister's here. She arrived from Spain one week ago, and I still get shocked every time I see her.  We've lived apart for over 4 years, so it's been a big change that she's back living with us for the next couple of years as she attends school in Aus. It feels really good to have the family back together, and it's nice to how everyone's adjusting to having us all back together again.

All in all it's been a really good week.  I've finished up work with my temp job, got accepted into school and was so happy to see my sister arrive safely.  Next week we'll be in the Philippines enjoying the holiday season with my family.  It may get a bit more quiet around these parts, but I'll do my best to post every once in a while.  Have a fabulous week everyone!

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