Monday, December 17, 2012

Of sadness and prayers and quiet thank yous.

 When I hear news that is so shocking, so unbelievable, so scary my first instinct has always been to think it was a lie. My gut will always first say that there is no way possible something so frightening could happen in the world. But then the news will register, and I'll learn that it was true. I'll remember that sometimes terrible things happen to good people for no reason. I'll remember that my mantra of everything happens for a reason is not correct, and does not work for every occasion. Because no, not everything does happen for a reason. There is no plausible, life learning lesson that can be taken out from the horrible deaths that happened in Connecticut.

I could go on and on about how angry and sad I am, or about my views on gun laws or even about the man's (lack of) motives. However, I won't. I'm sure by now, you've read something or two about this tragedy, and I'm sure you've created your own opinions. Instead, I'd just like to emphasize something you probably already know. Your family, your loved ones, they're important. It shouldn't take something so terrible as this tragedy to remind me of the importance of family, but truth be told that's all I can think of.

I'm smack dab in the middle of my great Philippine vacation, and I've seen family members who I haven't seen in years, and we're all safe and sound. Not all are as lucky as I. If you are, I highly recommend taking a quick moment to be grateful that your loved ones are fine, and maybe say a quick thank you to the powers that be. Because at the end of the day nothing is as important as the people you love. History shows that people live and die to protect their loved ones, and I'm sure many of us are no different. So while I quietly send prayers to all the souls that have passed away, I will also say a few prayers for my family who is alive and safe.

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