Thursday, December 20, 2012

Philippines: Week 1

Coron, Palawan, Philippines
Week one of my trip here has slowly come to an end, and so far I've been nothing short of amazed.  This country full of poverty, hardship and corruption still manages to thrive and flourish and maintain a sense of beauty and instill in me a sense of wonder. This is my second time here, so I shouldn't be so shocked or curious as I was during my first trip, but every day I learn or see something that surprises me. 

I hate to make sweeping statements about how everyone seems so kind, but to be honest that's all I've felt.  It's been one generous and hospitable event after another.  I know that the life I am seeing as I travel this country with my grandmother and mom are very sheltered, and I'm not neccessarily getting the full picture, but I can't help but enjoy myself.  

The above photo was taken in Coron on our trip to the islands of Palawan, where we stayed at the most amazing resort.  From time to time I found myself pausing to remind myself to remember how blue the water looked, how beautiful the patterns on the shell of the sea turtle looked, or how soft the sand was because I knew that there was no way the camera would be able to do any of it justice.  I just felt so lucky to be able to experience it all.  

Beyond that trip, we've been spending a good amount of time in my grandma's house in Manila just hanging out, and it is here just lazing about with my family that I am most happy. Week one has been fantastic, but I'm  sure week 2 we'll be even better. 

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