Saturday, March 16, 2013

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I think I blog best on Saturday mornings.  I've been so super busy as of late, that it seems the only time I have to collect my thoughts are in the early hours of the weekend. This week I'm keeping it short by sharing some of the things I've found around the internet that are keeping me inspired.

1. Have you ever wanted to take a trip around regional Australia? Well now you virtually can. All Summer long, people have been uploading videos of their road trips around OZ, to Triple J's website. They've all just been put together to capture one clever little video.  I'm so inspired to rent a car and just go.

2. Are you a worry wart too? This tip could banish all our worries.

3. Is shampoo free the way to be? I go about half & half with this one.

4. Unlocking the power of the female brain. I knew there was a reason men and women are so different! I can definitely relate with many if not all of his points. The only thing -- not sure how I feel about a man determining these reasonings without a woman's perspective.

5. I am SO in love with this little video! It's definitely made me a little homesick for my best friend and some of that California sunshine.

6. and lastly, Sound City is gone, but Dave Grohl's kept the memory alive forever.  This documentary is up there with my favorites.

What's keeping you inspired or excited these days?

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