Monday, July 01, 2013

Random Monday Thoughts

Taken back in 2006, but this is still pretty accurate of how I feel/act most days. ;]

It's been a long while since I've done this, but back in the day I used to bullet point my thoughts out when I had too much swimming in my brain. So here we go...!

I'm on major redecorating mode. Now that the dust has settled after moving into our new house, all I want to do is redecorate my bedroom and the office.  We were so busy when we first moved in that we sorta just dumped the furniture in our room and focused on other stuff.  The time has finally come though to refocus and get the place looking the way it should.  I've been pining office stuff on this board and have been focusing on pairing down our room.  If all goes to plan, I'll post a room tour. :]

I've been waiting on pins and needles to post about this weightloss challenge I'm doing.  I'm waiting for one full week to finish (tomorrow!) before I tell you anything about it. I'll just say it's been a pretty interesting week so far...

Kinda wondering if pinterest inspires me or makes me want to shop for stuff I don't need.

Also wondering why cussing on my blog feels weird... particularly because I do it pretty normally in "real life."

The two month period of 7am starts at work have finally ended! I'm back on a normal 9-5 again which feels amaaaaaaaazing. I am going to miss those afternoons to myself though.

Speaking of work, I've actually, finally got hired permanently!! If you didn't know, I was temping for about a year while I applied and got into University.  One of the jobs that I was working for had a position open up, and after just one interview, they hired me! I'm elated to be working for a company that not only has amazing benefits for their staff, but also has a strong purpose I believe in.

Lastly, I'm just feeling so grateful for my life and the opportunities that have come my way and come the way of many of the people around me. Between job acceptances, school offers, promotions, work opportunities and amazing deals being struck left right and center around me, I can't help but feel so blessed to be surrounded by the best.  I hope I don't sound too redundent but life is good, and I'm so thankful for it.

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