Friday, August 23, 2013


Reading: Steve Job's Biography. My neighbourhood is notorious for leaving books out on the sidewalk, and that's exactly where I found this one.  I've been wanting to read it, but didn't want to spend any money on it either, so finding it on the street was perfect.  It's pretty interesting so far, and I'm so surprised to find out what a jerk he was!

Listening to: I Know Leopard. All day, erryday. You guys, you just have to. It's good music that doesn't sound like everything else out there these days. The lyrics are on point and the music just makes you feel good. Plus their live show is pretty sick. Just listen.

Thinking about: Nothing serious.  Toying around with getting a haircut, mani & pedi but hesitating because it sounds expensive. hah Also thinking about tonight's plans because it's Friday, and I wanna do something fun!

Watching: Offspring, Madmen, Giuliana & Bill (my fave) and don't laugh... Dawson's Creek. I never actually watched it when it was on, but am so loving it.  The melodramatic acting and nineties references get me every time. So hilarious.

Loving: Hot Toddys for a sore throat; dark red, black and white everything; tattoo inspiration; my new coffee machine and that winter is ending in two weeks. hooray! Also snapchat. ADD ME:  praxsmiles 

Short & sweet as per usual. Whatever you're up to, hope your weekend's off to a good start!


  1. wait WHAT, they just leave books out so people can get them? thats awesome. i would love to dump books out so people can have them. i hate being such a hoarder and i feel like i would feel totally better if people just took them to read.

    also bc i just couldnt let it go and i dunno if you'll see i replied to you, you can totally still make rockin homemade chicken wings WITHOUT tabasco trash. i feel very strongly about it. haha. i'll post a recipe soon so you can finally liberate miguel from tabasco chicken wings.

    at this volume

    1. YES my hood is awesome for scoring free books. I'm kinda thinking about leaving some out myself, but I'm attached to them still. haha

      i replied to your thread. post a recipe, i shall do it and COMPARE! anyways I'm not mexican! I don't need to stick to mexican only hot sauce! hahaha