Monday, September 16, 2013


Its been a while since I've done one of these, and looking back on some of them it's safe to say that my style has definitely evolved.  Here are a few outfits I wore over and over again in different variations this last winter.

Work attire looked a lot like this in the last few months. I found myself gravitating towards pullovers and black stockings and consistently wore them throughout the season. Mostly I just threw them on with a summer dress or skirt and layered up with a light jacket and a scarf. Luckily this winter wasn't too cold, so most days I was able to survive with nothing more than that. I found a couple really cool vintage knit sweaters at the thrift store for pennies so the sweater thing really was my jam this winter.

Sweater: H&M
Shirt: Levis (gifted)
Skirt: Cotton On
Boots: Topshop 


When the weekend would come along, I pretty much stuck to the standard jeans & a t-shirt combo.  The only difference this time around was that I actually invested in a couple of decent pairs of jeans.  My favorite being the one pictured above from Zara. They're high-waisted AND the hem falls right by my ankles. Having this kind of fit is rare for a shorty like me, so I knew I had to have them.  Plus at $50 the investment was decent, but not too damaging.  I've also been super minimalist on the accessories these days and have stuck to just my sunnies and my gold watch.  Everything else seems like too much right now.

T-Shirt: Carla Uriarte x Label State
Belt: Vintage
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Witner 

Watch: Fossil (gifted)
Bag: Gifted 

And this would be a pretty typical Saturday night out.  My clubbing days are long behind me, so there is no need anymore for the tight little dress and highest heels. Instead, I've opted for some fun pants and a more modest heel.  I've also been really into the collar under the sweater deal, but I think I've over done it now, as is evidenced by the huge hole I've managed to make on that shirt! Yikes! 

Collared Top: Chic-a-Bootie ( i think!)
Sweater: Zara 
Pants: Zeitgeist
Shoes: Topshop 

Now that winter's over and all of the jumpers and pants will gradually be put away, I'm interested to see if my summer style has evolved too.  My first instinct will always be the tank top & denim shorts duo, but even last summer,  I felt I was getting too old for that.  I'm not sure how weird that is, that a 24 year old is starting to feel too old for tanks, but hey I'm sure 17 year old me probably thinks it's time for a change. ;] 


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