Tuesday, September 09, 2014


On top of a Pyramid near Mexico City!

I'm not even going to bring up any excuses as to why I've been missing from this blog. I just have. I'm not sure I myself even know why.. except for maybe I feel that life is slightly repeatative so I have nothing new to say. 

I missed writing though, and this little blog has been on my brain. So lets start off easy with a 'Currently' post. 

Are these even in fashion anymore? HAH

Reading:  A book about the Kings Cross suburb, which is very close to where I live. The author does this really cool thing by telling us the history of particular stores/streets and then juxtaposing it with what the places are like now.  He seems to know all the stories of the cross from drug dealing to murder to suicide to gentrification. It's crazy, a little bit scary, but definitely interesting. 

Listening to: Jhene Aiko, Beyonce and all things on pop radio. Arriana Grande's 1 Less Problem kills me EVERY TIME... 

Thinking about: My cousins. Since I've come back from my trip overseas (I went home to California and quickly to Mexico for one whole month!) I catch myself thinking about moments I'm missing out on with the cousins and memories I could be making with them as they grow up.  Some of them are in their early teens and it kills me to know I'm not around. Thank God for Imessage. Seriously. 

Watching: A LOT of youtube. I recently found my old youtube account with the people I used to subscribe to... so I started watching all of their channels again. Youtube is a crazy thing. Like Blogging, people start with enthusiasm, divulge bits and pieces of their life and ultimately disappear after some years have passed. I think its the whole getting bored with doing the same thing over again thing, but the people who are able to reinvent themselves or do different things with their channels/blogs while staying true to their personalities end up being the most successful. Tyler Oakley anyone? He's such a prime example of this. I've been watching him since 2008! 

Loving: this. I just posted a blog for the first time in forever, and that is something to truly love. WOO!