Monday, September 29, 2014

Five Random Thoughts...

1. I'm trying to figure out a good balance between eating healthy and having as Cassey calls it, 'YOLO' foods. I do really well for my breakfasts and lunches, but after a long day at work all I want is to order some takeout (if I don't have dinner planned) and indulge in some chocolate..or ice cream! Any tips on how to get past this? 

2. Speaking of YOLO, I'm really missing my brother in Mexico.  We used to say YOLO with a spanish accent, accenting the O, so saying it became really funny. I loved being able to spend a week with him on his territory with him showing me the ropes. It was a week I'll never forget. 

3. Speaking of Mexico, check out that gorgeous dress I'm wearing in the photo above! I bought that in Mexico City in one of the outdoor markets. I'm absolutely in love with it, and am so glad the sun is out and I can finally get some summer dresses in my wardrobe rotation. 

4. I've been re-watching season 1 of One Tree Hill. Oh my gosh, I forgot how dramatic it was! I haven't watched it since 2003 when it premiered, so I'm loving reliving the Lucas, Peyton, Brooke, Nathan, Hayley love... pentagon? haha 

5. Halloween is on my brain too! I want to be something original this year, but as per usual, I'm stuck! The resources for costumes in Australia aren't the best, so I'll definitely have to DIY something.  Plus it's on a Friday this year, so it will be cool to do something different than normal. 

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