Friday, September 12, 2014

Sydney Spotlight - Pablo and Rusty's.

This morning I was woken up unusually early by my alarm. I stumbled out of bed, hopped in the shower with a rumbly in my belly.  I had been fasting from the night before because in the morning I had a doctors appointment to *shudder* get some blood work done.  I've never had my blood tested before, but I have donated blood a few times in the past.  From that experience I knew I would be lightheaded and slightly dizzy after the appointment, so needless to say I was nervous.

BUT for being a tough woman about it all, and going to the appointment alone, I promised I would reward myself with a really good breakfast after it was all over.

So after a quick google search, I found myself at Pablo and Rusty's.

Pablo and Rusty's Interior. Image via
Pablo and Rusty's is a gorgeous coffee shop in the middle of Sydney CBD. The place is surprisingly large and decorated quite well.  I loved the warm tones carried throughout the room and the rusticity of the place. Wood grain was a common theme that carried from the walls to the table and chairs to the serving plate, and yet with all that wood not once did the room ever feel too dark or too kitschy.

When I walked into the cafe the waiter immediately sat me on a stool in front of a large glass window.  At first I was annoyed to be seated at a counter instead of a table, but a quick look around and I saw the entire place was packed to the brim with even more people lining up for takeaway coffees. After two seconds, I started to love my window seat, as I was able to people watch instead of stare at my smartphone.

After being seated for a minute or so,  a waiter came and took my order.  I was particularly excited about this because their coffee beans are "traceable, sustainable and ethically produced." Not only was I going to be able to taste a single origin coffee, I was also not going to feel guilty about where it came from.  Pablo and Rusty take pride in sourcing their ingredients from suppliers who have holistic, sustainable views about their products, so you know that the food and coffee that you're having is guilt-free and clean.
Image via

I ordered a flat white coffee and heirloom tomatoes, goats cheese, chimi churri and pomegranate seeds on sourdough toast. (pictured below)  OH MY YUM.  I don't even know where to start. The coffee tasted great, so great that I considered ordering a long black (coffee sans milk) next time I was there just so I could taste the coffee more. It was silky and warm and perfect.

Still drooling over this. 
The toast was a masterpiece.  The goats cheese and avocado were so soft that I intentionally savored every bite of them.  The pops of pomegranate seeds were unexpected and refreshing. The toast was crunchy on the outside but soft in the middle, just the way I like it.

And for a meal made completely out of vegetables, grains and cheese, I never felt like I was missing out on anything. There was no need for the typical soft boiled egg normally served with toast. Again, it was perfection. Mouth watering perfection.

So do I recommend visiting Pablo and Rusty's? Hell yes! Do I recommend going between 8-9 am on a weekday? Probably not. The cafe gets really busy, but if you don't mind the crowd or can go a bit later in the morning, definitely give this place a shot. You won't regret it.


  1. Yum! Want to go back there with me and Lewis sometime?

    1. Yes of course! Hope Lewis is doing better. I'll check if it's open on the weekends..