Monday, June 25, 2012

a little STAYcation

Sydney's been pretty brutal these last few months. Winter is definitely in full effect and the rain has been pouring down in buckets. So for the longest while, Miguel & I have been cooped up in the apartment, trying our best to stay out of the crazy weather.  Weekend after weekend passed where we did nothing but avoid the madness outside, (we're homebodies at heart) until I finally had had enough. I proclaimed that we needed to get out of here, go somewhere, anywhere and get a little adventure into our lives! Luckily Miguel quickly agreed, and on the spot we began crafting up a little staycation for the two of us.

After a quick google search, we settled on the Q Station at Manly. It sounded like a little oasis away from Sydney city where we could get away for just a night, enjoy the awesome scenery and relax.  The place did not disappoint.  When we arrived, we were greeted then escorted to a tram that drove us down some gravely paths and into the main cabin area.  It felt like we were truly secluded and being that it was the middle of winter, it wasn't packed with people at all.  There were enough people there to make us feel comfortable instead of abandoned, but really, I was too busy taking in all the scenery to notice anyone.  Oh I was also busy being afraid of... the ghosts. 

Miguel informed me after we booked our room that Q Station stood for Quarantine Station and the harbor was actually the place where huge ships docked after their voyages from England primarily between 1800-1960 into Sydney.  Those on the vessel had to stay at the Q Station for up to 3 months if anyone in their ship was deemed sick and could therefore infect the small Australian population. So that goes without saying, Q Station has its fair share of ghosts. I was TERRIFIED. 

However, once I got my mind of the ghouls, I truly did enjoy the area.  It was nice being amongst nature and breathing in the fresh air.  Q Station also has a really top notch restaurant called The Boiler House which Miguel & I ate at not once but twice.  My parents came to check out the scenery the next day and grab lunch with us.  The food was superb and although the prices were a bit steep, I didn't mind it so much, as the service was also impeccable.  

Overall, I'd say the staycation was a success.  I came back home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  Miguel & I also kicked our severe case of cabin fever, and we even got to see a part of Australia we had never seen before. I'm not sure if I'd ever do another sleepover at the Q Station, (the ghosts really scared me!!) but I will definitely do another nearby getaway next time cabin fever strikes. 

Have you ever booked yourself a staycation? How'd you find it? I'd love to hear.  

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