Saturday, June 23, 2012

Well, Hello!

I'm very, very new around these parts, but I thought I'd finally take the big leap into the "big girl" world of blogging. So... here I am.  I guess I should do a bit of an introduction of myself, as this is meant to be a lifestyle blog chronicling my life and adventures in Sydney, Australia.

In truth, this blog first and foremost will always act as a diary of sorts for me to look back and remember the adventures I've had during my young adulthood. Secondly, this blog's purpose will *hopefully* add fuel to the writing fire and get me to practice it more. Lastly, I'm not-so-secretly hoping to build a community around this blog and fingers crossed gain a readership.

So lets start...

My name's Praxis. I'm a 23 year old female from California. I spent the majority of my childhood in Southern California then moved up to San Francisco during high school and through out college. 2 years ago I moved to Sydney, Australia with my mom and step dad.  One year ago, my long time friend, recent love moved to Sydney to join me.  Together he & I moved into a tiny apartment in one of Sydney's awesome suburbs, and it has been nothing short of bliss.

I'm headstrong, stubborn, independent. I've got a fiery Spanish heart and gentle Filipina soul. My roots are firmly planted in both countries, but I have yet to really experience either  for myself.  I love fiercely and passionately. I keep my friends close to my heart and my family even closer.  I shop to make the time pass, and I write to stay sane.  I am constantly growing, learning, doing. I stand firmly on the shoulders of those before me, and am thankful everyday for the opportunities laid before me. I have an opinion on e v e r y thing

This will always be a place of honesty. I will always share my truths -- positive or not, and through that I hope to look back and learn from the mistakes I've made or triumphs I've experienced.

Really, I'm just a lucky girl, experiencing life to the best of my ability and smiling every step of the way. 

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