Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Loving: slow mornings, warm coffee and feeling the last bits of Winter melt off into Spring. It's a magical time.

Reading: new blogs and the backs of DVDs. We've just purchased Breaking Bad Season 2, Mad Men Season 4 & Chappelle's Show Season 2. There's way more TV watching than there is reading right now, but I promise by this time next week, I'll have an actual book to share with you.

Listening To: Incubus HQ Live Deluxe Edition.  I saw the album on Spotify's new releases, and the fact that it was a "live album" intrigued me.  I love the added personality that comes with a good live album whether it be picking up the differences between the live and recorded versions or listening to the band talk to the audience between songs. I love hearing the audience's reactions, and mostly I love the feeling that if the live album is a really good one, I can close my eyes and imagine I was right there in the arena as it was being recorded. John Mayer's Where The Light Is: Live from LA album is probably one of my favorite albums of all time for this reason.  

Planning: my next big move in more ways than one. I can't tell you both sets of plans, but I will update you on one.  Since I've Trusted The Universe, I have dived head first in all that is apartment hunting.  We are still in the midst of finding the perfect gem, but I feel like we're getting closer.  It's nice to see what's available to us, and I am loving the hunt. I can't wait to find our next home.

Working On: making this transition period in my life as smooth and easy as possible.

Wishing: that I knew what the future has got in store for me.  I guess though, that's the fun part -- living life every day with the best of intentions and shaping it to be the life I want to live.  It really is a time of adjustment for me, and the most exciting part is knowing I can turn this ship any direction I wish.  It would be nice though, just to get a little hint or sign from the Universe, confirming that I'm doing the right thing.

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