Sunday, August 19, 2012

My ONE Olympic Highlight or the Mexico vs Brazil Game

I don't know if I've complained about it on here yet, but I've never watched so little of the Olympic Games than I have watched during these 2012 Olympics. Miguel & I don't have Foxtel (the Australian cable conglomerate) and Channel 9 did such a ridiculously bad job covering the games.  I complained and whined almost every night as I tried my hardest to find any footage of the diving, swimming, gymnastics & track and field. I tell you truthfully that I saw no diving, very little swimming, a small amount of gymnastics & track and field.  I'm so sad that I only got to see Micheal Phelps last race of his Olympic Career, and nothing else.

The one saving grace of the 2012 Olympics for me anyway, came from an unlikely sport. Soccer. I love watching soccer, but for whatever reason, have never linked it to the Olympics. (terrible I know) This year however, Mexico and Brazil were in the finals, and being the true Mexican Miguel is, we HAD to watch the game.  Knowing how terrible of a job Channel 9 was doing at airing the Olympics, we decided to watch it at the 24/7 Sports Bar in the Star Casino. The match was not going to air til midnight our time, so we invited some friends and made a night out of it. SO FUN.

It was so great to see such a large turnout at the game.  I really thought not many people would show up since the Mexican Community in Sydney is so small. There ended up being just as many Mexico supporters if not more, than there was Brazil! 

Table full of drinks and good friends, while Mexico kills it. What more do you need? :]

 Celebrating the win with other Mexico supporters!

Even though I'm not Mexican, it was great supporting Miguel's team and partying with all the supporters at the game.  It was so odd, yet so fantastic to be among other people who were all cheering so passionately for a team which Miguel & I associate with home, yet all of us were cheering from a country all the way on the other side of the world.  In some way, it was like a community was quickly built between all of us  immigrants/expats/tourists who were all cheering for the same thing and probably feeling the same homesick pang I felt. This really gets me excited for other big games coming up, as I'm sure Miguel and I will be back out at the Sports Bar finding the same community we found here. 

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