Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sydney Spotlight

How happy am I that winter is starting to warm up? SO HAPPY. I'm one who gets deeply affected by the weather, and I find that when it's warm outside, I'm at my happiest.  So with good weather and a hopeful heart, Miguel and I found ourselves heading to happy hour at one of my favorite outdoor bars ever. 

Zanzibar, Newtown (image via)
Zanzibar is located on the corner of Eliza and King St in the heart of Newtown.  With 3 floors all equipped with their own bar, it can easily house tons of people.  Each level has it's own uniqueness to it, but I find that the rooftop courtyard is the level I keep going back to.  When the sun is out, and the time is between 12-3 on a weekend, I think of Zanzibar. Why? Their rooftop bar is killer.  

 The table and chairs are all wrought iron with comfortable cushions. The decor is somewhat boho and jungle themed, and the bar staff are the friendliest.  This coupled with happy hour cocktails at 9 bucks a pop make you truly feel that you have been transported to another city instead of being smack dab in the middle of the busiest street in Sydney.  The vibe is mellow and when the sun hits just right over the bar, I get the happiest feeling of euphoria. I always, always say to myself life is good especially while I'm sipping on a margarita. 
Margarita & Long Island Iced Tea $9 at Happy Hour (12-3pm Saturdays & Sundays)

Which is another thing. I love my margaritas. Seriously. I really, really love my margaritas. But Sydney? Not so much. Practically every bar that I've ordered a margarita from has found a way to destroy it.  Some put too much tequila, others too much lime others still don't salt the rim and they all charge an arm and a leg for their crappy version. Zanzibar? They make it just as they should -- a perfect mix of sweet and salty and just the right amount of tequila, and for $9. It's perfect. 

So next time you find yourself strapped for cash on a sunshiny Sydney day, be sure to take yourself to the Zanzibar Rooftop Courtyard. You won't regret it. I promise. 

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