Monday, September 10, 2012


Loving: THAT SPRING IS HERE! hallelujah! It's my favorite season of all time, and I'm so glad that all my sweaters, stockings & big jackets can go to the back of the closet now.

Reading: The Great Gatsby. My 20's obsession continues.

Listening To: Modest Mouse. This song is one of my faves of all time.

Planning: THE BIG MOVE! It's been less than a month since Miguel & I decided to start looking for a new place, and I'm thrilled to announce that by the end of this week, we'll be moving into a 2 bedroom apartment! This is a massive deal for us, considering we're currently living in a tiny studio.

Working On: Cleaning, clearing and simplifying. I only want to fill the new apartment with things we absolutely love, so there's a lot I'm hoping to get rid of before we move.

Wishing: Not much really. Life is pretty swell. Okay, maybe wishing I had better self control over those sneaky mid night snack habits. ;]

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