Tuesday, October 30, 2012


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Loving: That the SF Giants won the World Series! As a San Franciscan and baseball lover, nothing has made me happier this last week then to watch my boys take home the World Series. The time difference between Aus and SF is about 18 hours, so I had to get pretty creative with my watching/listening methods and had to sneak in many games at work, but it was definitely worth it.  I'm probably more homesick than ever now because every inch in my body is telling me to hop on a plane so I can be a part of the San Francisco madness during the parade! 

Thinking About: Hurricane Sandy and everyone in New York/East Coast. My prayers are with all those in the storm's path, and I truly hope that not much more damage occurs. I hope everyone in the East Coast is listening to the warnings and staying home or evacuating where need be.  I've got all my fingers crossed that tomorrow everyone will wake up safe and sound with the worst of the storm over. I also can't help but remember Hurricane Katrina and wonder if the outcome would have been different if we were more prepared and aware of it's doom in the same way that America (and much of the world) was aware of Hurricane Sandy. Either way, all my love and prayers to those who have been affected by both disasters. 

Listening To: Haim, Blink 182 & 90's Pop Radio on Pandora. It's an upbeat sort of week. :]

Planning: on finding some affordable and stylish pillows for my couch. I've been on this hunt for-ev-er and I'm actually starting to get tired of looking at couch cushions. The price for one cushion no matter how stylish doesn't seem to justify the price tag, but I'm getting so tired of looking, I might just bite the bullet and buy the ones I want. Here are a few I'm lusting after 1, 2 & 3

Working On: Not being so tired. The commute from home to work takes about an hour & a half each way, and it was really, really draining me. I would come home from work and slump down on the couch and complain to my significant other how much work sucked, life sucked, I sucked. I would spend my time on the train being bitter about how tired I was, and it honestly started to affect my normally happy disposition.  Finally the other night, I realized that enough was enough. I have no children, my responsibilities are not overly bearing, and I am not driving for the hour and a half to and from work. I'm sitting there. That's it. So there's no reason to be tired all the time, I'm young and in love with life, it's time to show it! 

Wishing: that Australians celebrated Halloween more. I really miss the holiday here, and I reallyyyyyyyy want to go to work dressed up as something tomorrow! 

aaaaaaaaaand that's it! Here's to hoping the week ahead is full of good vibes and safe travels. 

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  1. I wouldn't know what to do without Halloween, haha :) It's my favorite!!!

    I did a currently post too: