Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Today I woke up cranky and slightly hung over from last night's Black Keys concert. My idea of a work appropriate outfit that morning was leggings and a big sweater. Yup, that was my state of my mind. So as I brushed my teeth thinking of possible baggy sweaters that may pass as "appropriate" I remembered a little grey dress that I snagged from my mom's closet.

Paired with a blazer, some stockings and hot metallic flats, I felt really put together despite my gross morning disposition. 

Outfit Deets: 
Grey Dress: Barkins
Blazer: Zara, gift from my sister
Belt: Vintage
Flats: Rubi 

** Miguel was off cooking, so these photos were all self timer ones, and from the look of the weird angles and intense photoshopping I had to do, I'm convinced of two things: I need a tripod & I need to take photos when the SUN is out. Forgive me, I'll try harder next time. ;]

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