Sunday, November 11, 2012

18 Things You Should Say YES To!

Yesterday as I was doing my usual blog trolling, I stumbled upon this article via Sometimes Sweet. The article intrigued me right away, because just that morning I was convincing a friend of mine the opposite-- helping her with the things she should say NO to. Sometimes I feel like we say yes to too much things, but these things tend to be for the benefit of others, and hardly for the benefit of ourselves.  I was happy to find that while reading the Huffington Post article, it was more about saying yes to things that would help make us better people.

My favorites were 1, 3 & 6, and if I could, a couple things I would add to the article are:

Saying yes to mani/pedi's on a monthly basis. That 30-1hr relaxation period can really rejuvenate you, and give you the personal time you've been looking for.

Saying yes to trying that 1 restaurant that you've been wanting to try for months now, but felt like you shouldn't splurge on the decadent meal. Trust me, it's worth it, and odds are you'll be talking about that amazeballs meals for a long time afterward.

Saying yes (or thank you) to that coworker/friend/partner who just said you looked great today. Instead of saying oh this old thing? or no I don't, I forgot to put my mascara on or You're just kidding right? We tend to shrug off compliments, but sometimes, especially when you need it, you should just take the compliment in and feel good that someone noticed your "you-ness."

Agree/disagree? Would you add anything else to the article? Whatever the case, I'm just happy that something so positive is floating around the internet.

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