Thursday, January 17, 2013


Spotted in Bohol, Philippines
Watching: I've just started both first seasons of Once Upon a Time & Girls. I've heard good things about both shows, but it's only now that I'm getting in to it.  I'm only one episode each into them, so we'll see! 

Listening To: Everlasting Light, Ho Hey & This Fire.  I've been obsessed with these 3 songs lately. They're all really mellow and kinda nice to listen to especially since life's been crazy lately.  It's been nice to zone out and calm down, and try to remember that I don't need to get overwhelmed by everything. 

Planning: my whole life, really. Is that dramatic? Haha I feel like I'm starting at a blank slate, and from here on in, I can do anything I want.  I've got certain things locked into place, like I finally know which school I'll be going to, but other important things like work and lifestyle are all still up in the air.  So to try and get something written on this slate, I've been job hunting like crazy, and trying to adjust and figure out what my new life will be like. I forgot that student life is all about struggle now, success later. And while I'm so excited to go back to school, I'm definitely more excited for what my future will be like once it's all ovvaaahhhh.

Thinking About: Losing weight.. Did I just do that?! I'm finally putting it out there. I know it may be late for resolutions, but I'm so ready to just get rid of this excess baggage. So I've been doing my best to eat healthy -- lots of apples and other fruit and salad and NO CHOCOLATE! I'm trying my best, really I am. 

Making Me Happy: Alone time and getting back to myself. It's been ages since I've taken time to just be on my own and chill out, and I find then whenever I just focus on my needs, I end up being in a better mood and kinder to others. 

So that's it! It's been a while since I've done one of these, and it's crazy to see the changes. Have a fab rest of your week! 

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