Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Years in Bohol

sippin tea in my malong after the landing back in Manila

I've just landed back in Manila after spending New Years with the fam & Miguel in Bohol. There we saw Tarsiers, (little primates native to the island) rice farms, beautiful trees, a river and the chocolate hills.  We also stayed at a resort and swam at the beach most of the time.  It was a perfect low key new years. 

1. Tarsiers are native to Bohol / 2. Miguel & I posing with the little guy. / 3. Forest Viewing / 4. Banka in the river. / 5. Miguel and the famous "Chocolate Hills" in the background. / 6. Rice Farm / 7. Carla and the river

While the island was beautiful, it is nice to be back in the metropolis, and I'm looking forward to spending our last few days here going out with our cousins.  It's crazy that we've only got 4 more days left before we depart for Australia again, but truthfully, I'm excited to go back.  There's a lot  I need to sort out in Sydney, and I have a funny suspicion 2013 will bring about lots of positive changes. 

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