Saturday, February 09, 2013

Bondi Beach

A couple weeks ago, my sister & I took a middle of the week trip to Bondi.  While I whole heartedly believe that Sydney has much, much better beaches, Bondi is super easy to get to and we were craving some sun -- plus Carla had never been.  So off to the beach we went. Here's what we saw:

View from the top

Grabbed a Burrito from The Original California Burrito Company before making it over to the water.  It was actually pretty good as far as burritos go, which is shocking because usually Mexican food here is terrible. 
Dead Blue Bottle Jellyfish. Those guys litter the ocean, but luckily I've never been stung.

I kinda loved how crowded the beaches were and seeing all the tourists enjoy Bondi for the first time (My sister included) It reminded me of the first time I went to Bondi, and how shocked I was that a beach so close to the city could have such crystal clear water. The beaches in SoCal sure don't look like that. 

It was such a nice little getaway that made me feel like I was really taking advantage of the few summer days we have left. I'm counting down the days til I go back to University, but I'm also trying my best to enjoy summer while it's here. 


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    1. it was! but still so bizarre to be at the beach in February!