Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Me & You, just us two.

This ill planned photo was snapped in a hurry as we were rushing to go elsewhere.  It's blurry and the lighting is funny, but there's something about the image that I absolutely love. Maybe it's the fact that were all dressed up or that we've finally chanced upon the popularly photographed alleyway of birdcages, or maybe it's because I know immediately after this photo was snapped, Miguel laid a big kiss on me. Whatever it is, it I like it.

Somehow, I'm reminded of our early days... of dinner dates, hotel stays (we we're long distance for a while)  and butterflies fluttering in my tummy.  Days when going out together was always a big event and every last detail was planned out -- I was so excited to show him the best of my city, and he the best of his. Days when we would spend afternoons laying under a big tree in golden gate park cloud watching and dreaming of our future together... days when everything was all so new.

Almost 4 years later, I can be honest in saying the butterflies have floated away and cloud watching comes few and far in between, but I'm just as happy and even more in love than I've ever been. That photo snapped just a couple days ago reminds me of what we once were and yet shows me what we still are.

How lucky I am to have a love like ours.

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