Friday, June 07, 2013

On becoming minimalist

... or attempting to anyway.

When I was a little girl, my dad would always say to my sister and I that we were too materialistic. We would always have a new toy/clothes/book in mind during our trips to visit him, and we would always try our chances and ask for it. A lot of the times getting up the nerve to ask him was  for nought as he rather use that money to take us on trips to Lake Tahoe or Circus Circus in Reno, which was better than a new barbie anyway. However, during then and up until recently I never thought I was materialistic at all.

I always thought that I owned just the right amount of stuff.  It wasn't until I moved into the baby beluga studio that I realized how much stuff I accumulated. Little by little Miguel's and mostly my things were piling up around us to the point where it was difficult to open the front door because my filled up shoe rack was in the way. Try as I might to get rid of things, our (my) stuff just kept piling up. SO we moved. I took all our stuff with us into a two bedroom apartment in the middle of nowhere (Parramatta) and all of a sudden it looked like we didn't have enough stuff. We needed a couch! and a dining table! and clothes to fill up the huge and luxurious closet!! The storage space in that place was a dream. So I accumulated more things until eventually we decided it was time to move out.

While the house we are living in now is gorgeous with ample storage space and even an office for the four of us to share, it in no means is enough space for all of my stuff. The house was built in the 1900s before built in closets, and Miguel & my room is the only one fitted with a pseudo closet... and it's an open closet. Which means my stuff is out in the open for me to stare at every single night. It annoys the heck out of me. So what did I do? Purge of course. I went through every single item that I own and got rid of so much. When even just a smidgen of available white space showed through, I got more energy to throw out even more.  I found it freeing.

I've still got a long ways to go though, and to help me fully understand what I should keep and throw away, I've been trying to find tips and tricks to becoming minimalist. Tips like putting a rubber band on hangers and removing it if you've worn the item, and then purging the closet of all things left with a rubber band in three months, are really helping me, but then they suggest taking photos of your favourite memories so you can get rid of the memory box, and that freaks me out. I really like my memory boxes even if I don't open them often.

It's a weird process -- getting rid of all my things -- but I know in the long haul I don't need it all. I'm pretty sure I won't go and become a full blown minimalist, but I endeavour to find a happy median, with just enough white space between my things. ;]


  1. Congrats on your move Prax! Make sure to message me your new address as i am a slacker and have yet to send you things. i need to purge my closet too. i don't know why it's so hard to let go

  2. haha thanks! fourth move in nearly four years! hopefully we're done moving for a lonnnnggg while.
    & I DEF recommend getting rid of old clothes! it feels so good! plus if you donate to salvation army or something, it'll feel even better.

    i'll send you a msg on fb with our deets soon. xx