Thursday, June 20, 2013

On the importance of Date Night...

Miguel and I have been together for nearly four years now, and while that is such a short time in the grand scheme of things, it's definitely long enough to declare the honeymoon stage is OVER. I can definitely say that time has changed a lot of things for us. Gone are the over excited butterflies that used to fly in my belly at every single sight of him, gone are the hours long phone conversations and gone is the time I used to spend putting together my "look" before seeing him. (yes I even did this for our Skype convos!)

Gone are all these things except for once every week on that magical night known as date night.

Most Fridays Miguel and I make it a point to meet up after work for an evening of good food, drinks and loooooong conversations. It's the one night out of the week where I find that the butterflies have come back and the nervousness/excitement takes over as I meet my guy at our place of choice. I always make sure to have a little lipstick on and an outfit that makes me feel my best. Moments before we meet, it almost feels like we're back at the beginning of our courtship.

We spend the night talking just to talk and trying our best to avoid "grown up" conversations like bills, work problems or house issues and instead focus on things we enjoy. The night always goes by too fast, even if we spent hours lingering at the restaurant ordering just one more glass of wine... and at the end of it I always, always feel rejuvenated and even more sure about our relationship then I was the night before.  Not sure how he does it, but I always manage to love him and appreciate our relationship more and more as each day passes. Cheesy, but true!

I know that even without a regular date night, my appreciation and love for Miguel would still exist. Our relationship is strong and true. BUT date night brings about a sense of excitement and anticipation that maybe wouldn't exist in our relationship as often as it does without it. Plus it's FUN! and Lord knows everyone needs a bit more fun in their lives...  

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  1. I want date nights too! hello baby2 can you read this.. and can we leave etienne with baba..Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez