Thursday, June 13, 2013

Winter Whites

So you know how I got rid of nearly everything in my closet? I found that the things I ended up keeping were key, classic pieces that I wouldn't mind wearing over and over again. Things like vintage pull overs, thick stockings, dresses with classic shapes, plain tees and dark denim reigned supreme, everything else got the boot. Then I started thinking about my winter wardrobe and what I wanted to be wearing this season. I found that I've been really drawn to winter whites and monochromatic colour schemes. I've been wearing a combo of blacks, blues and greys lately and dreaming up outfits in my head that look like the above. I'm loving how the white brightens the look without being over the top.
I've got a couple things in my closet that can help me achieve this look, but I'm definitely into replacing an old winter coat for something white and warm. It's freezing out here.
Next up, I'll be clearing out my jewellery box and finally getting rid of those heart shaped earings I purchased sophomore year. *shudder*

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  1. lololol heart shaped earrings. still have mine somewhere...