Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Makeup...

... or how to not look super sleepy at work.

I am no makeup expert, in fact my knowledge of 'good' quality makeup is minimal at most. Unless it's the weekend, and I'm going out to dinner or somewhere nice, I prefer to leave my face au natural. There's problems with this though because as I've gotten older, I've realized that instead of looking fresh and youthful in the morning, I look pale and sleepy. Still, I'd rather sleep an extra ten minutes in the morning then rise early to put on my face.

I've struggled to find a quick and easy solution to my makeup dilemma for a couple years now.  Mostly I've dabbled between putting on a full face (foundation, blush & lippy) and hitting the snooze button. Until recently, when *cue choir of angels* I found the most amazing BB cream of all time. OF ALL TIME. This beauty right here has been the answer to all my problems.

Why? Well I rub a little bit of it on my face every day, and instantly I look brighter and more refreshed. It also has these little mineral ball thingys that match my skin tone and the coverage is amazing -- not too heavy but even and consistent. I swear by it. I love it so much that I'm willing to pay the 26 bucks it costs at Priceline even if I know it's only $10 in the states.

That plus baby lips and a little Benefit's They're Real mascara, if I'm feeling up for it, and I'm all good to go. And while we're talking mascara, can I just say that the wand on it is amazeballs? If you have long lashes like me, this wand will change your life. Usually I use lash blast or similar, but I always end up looking like I have 3 pairs of falsies on and my lashes tend to clump together way too much.  Benefit's wand has a sweet little ball on the end and helps me separate my lashes evenly. I so recommend it.

Well there you go - my Lazy Girl's Guide to Makeup could not be easier. Now there really are no excuses!