Thursday, March 13, 2014

Edamame, Beer & Selfishness

I came home from an overtime shift at work today to an empty house -- a luxury I haven't experienced for a loooooong while. Living in a share house with my sister, her man and my man means someone is pretty much always home.

BUT TONIGHT... oh tonight I came home to an empty house, and it was magical. On came the boiling pot of water for the edamame and off came the pants.

Probably the most notable thing about tonight though, is the fact that I prepared dinner for just myself. I didn't realize how much I am constantly thinking about other people when I cook. I mean it's no fun to continuously cook for a party of one, so I enjoy cooking for others -- but -- it's good to be selfish sometimes. And all I wanted was some edamame and a beer, so that's what I got.

Also American Idol because I haven't indulged in that in forevvaaaa.

That's my number one takeaway for the night... it's good to think of yourself sometimes. It's good to be completely selfish and revel in it.

Don't forget to take a day and do you, just the way you want to.


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