Monday, March 24, 2014

On sickness & baseball.

Well howdy! Welcome to day 2 of the sickness extravaganza! You missed day one because well, I was a hot mess. I still am.

Its Monday afternoon, and I'm sitting on the sofa trying to see if I can use any amount of brain power that is left to post out a little bloggy. I've basically been brain dead for the last two days as I've tried to get over this head cold that came out of nowhere. I'm phlegm-y and sinus-y and headache-y and it is not cute. 

But you know me, always trying to think of the positives so here they are: 

One -- SO MUCH NETFLIX AND YOUTUBE. Ohmyglory no wonder I'm brain dead. I've been watching reality TV and sports for the last two days. Hollah at the MLB season opener in Sydney though! Miguel and I went to game one and had an absolute blast, and then I spent all day yesterday in front of the TV watching game 2. It is so refreshing to have baseball on regular TV!

The Dodgers aren't my team, but I obviously supported them while they were here. They played hard for both games which resulted in two wins. duh. It was really awesome to feel the Americana spirit down under, and it was even more awesome to be part of baseball history.  


Little known fact, Sydney Cricket Ground is the oldest venue in the world to host a baseball game. 
It was a pretty historic night, and I was so happy to have experienced it. 

Here's a rousing rendition of "Advance Australia Fair" at the game. If Aussies have one thing, it's spirit. 

AND the second positive thing about being sick?! Getting to actually stay in under the covers while it rains! I mean, don't we all just want to stay home and cuddle when it's raining so hard outside? I got to do that today! 

... it's the little things people. 

and that's it. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery, and more coherent thoughts. 



  1. Oh no! I hope you're all better now. Never knew we had baseball teams in Australia. I watched a game once in Fukuoka, Japan and it was lots of fun, but to be honest I found the crowd and cheerleaders more interesting than the actual game!

    1. Yeah unless you grow up with baseball it's hard to get into it. We have baseball teams in Aus, but they're not that publicized. The Dodgers and Diamondbacks came all the way from the states to play though, and the turn out was great!