Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Melbourne Cup 2014!

via my instagram @praxsmiles. I'm a monster, duh!
I'll take any reason to dress up for an occasion, even though everyone else thinks I'm crazy. 

Just four days after I donned my Halloween costume to work, (unheard of in Australia) Melbourne cup has arrived, and you better believe I dressed for the occasion. 

Last year no one at the office really dressed up, so I was slightly weary that history would repeat itself this year. Boy was I wrong! The ladies definitely came with their A game! Lots of fascinators and brightly colored dresses and even the men donned smart (or funny) hats. I was very impressed. 

I think people much appreciate those who are willing to let go and look silly for the sake of fun, than those who are scared they will embarrass themselves. It's so much more worth it to get into the spirit and have a little fun then to do nothing at all.  You never know, you might win a bottle of champagne out of it!

...and just between you and I,  I'd like to think that winning the competition by default last year, inspired folks to get into the spirit this year. I didn't win this time, but I was definitely happy to have some competition. 


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