Friday, June 12, 2015

Sydney Spotlight: The Grounds of Alexandria

Hey guys! I'm back with another installment of Sydney Spotlight!

This time around we're talking about The Grounds of Alexandria.  If you're a Sydney-sider than you need no introduction to this place.  In fact, you're probably rolling your eyes at me for even thinking about featuring this ridiculously popular space. Don't worry, I'm rolling my eyes too.

The Grounds of Alexandria is a lot of land amidst the warehouse wasteland that is the suburb of Alexandria. The Grounds are made up of a few restaurants, a flower shop, a meats and cheese shop and a tiny petting zoo.  On the weekends it gets ridiculously packed with young families consisting of hip mums pushing ultra cool prams and their bearded husbands.

That simple fact alone makes me stay far away from this place most of the time, but as you may recall, I was off sick for about 2 weeks recovering from a surgery.  One not-so-sore morning I woke up craving waffles like nothing else. I googled and googled and came up with nothing. (Sydney doesn't do breakfast waffles well.) So I settled for the next best thing -- pancakes.

The Grounds cafe boasted a Berry Hotcake, which sounded amazing.

The menu reads: BERRY HOTCAKE An instant classic, dishing up a berry hotcake with vanilla-infused mascarpone cheese, blueberry & raspberry salad, puffed quinoa, micro basil, edible violets and agave syrup. 

...and this is the reason I am spotlighting The Grounds.

This hotcake was the best I've ever had.  The puffed quinoa was surprising and did well to counter the softness of the hotcake and cream.  The berries and micro basil were fresh and lively and the agave syrup was the perfect amount of sweetness.

Also, I didn't feel guilty eating this at all.

I ate it all up.


Beyond the amazingness of the hotcake, everything else was pretty good too.  The waitresses were attentive despite how insanely busy it was for a Wednesday morning.  The coffee was nice, but it took about 15 minutes to get to the table.  Again, it was insanely busy. The decor was rustic, the seats were comfy and it was a good place for a solo diner to people watch.

After eating this beauty, I'm convinced that The Grounds surely has more delicious food to offer.  Going alone means I couldn't taste anyone else's food, so I truly have no idea. But now I'm thinking it might be worth braving the crowds and dodging the prams just to ease my curiosity.

Is The Grounds worth the hype? Was this hotcake a one off? I think I might have to dodge the mummy prams just to see. ;)


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