Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Veganism: Weeks 2 & 3

A couple weeks back I blogged about my first week into the big bad world of veganism.  Here's a little update on weeks two and three.

Week 2 was a roller coaster.

I came into the week feeling pretty crummy.  I wanted brownies and cheese and alcohol, and I even blogged while I was in the throws of it. Let me remind you that not only was I in full Vegan mode, I was also in full diet mode, which meant no carbs, no sugars and no drinks. It was tough.

I ate quinoa "burger" patties and guacamole with yuca chips, which felt like a cop-out since I wasn't actually cooking any food. I made myself feel guilty for not making my food from scratch, which in my head, meant that the pre-packaged food wasn't as healthy.

Also, it was freezing and raining that week and it made me so cranky that I didn't even want to think about cooking.

Still, the quinoa patties were good, and accompanied with carrot and green bean fries, I really had nothing to be complaining about.

On Wednesday I decided to get out of my rut and cook a 'real' meal. I had this idea about crunchy tofu that was soft and silky on the inside with Asian vegetables served on the side.

In theory it seemed good, but in practice... not so much. The type of tofu I bought was different than what I was used to, and try as I might to give it a nice crunchy skin, it just wasn't happening.  When it would finally get the golden brown color on one side,  I would flip the tofu over and the crunchy-ness would just peel off. It was also incredibly moist in the inside and was all around difficult to handle. 

Next time, I think I'm supposed to place the tofu between two plates so the moisture comes out? Apparently it could take a couple hours... and honestly this girl has zero time for that. I'd end up eating at 9pm!! 

The Asian veggies served with it ended up being fine. The miso sauce I made to cover everything was nice, but I couldn't get pass the bland tofu. 

The rest of the week was full of eating weird filler things that aren't memorable.  Edamame, boring salads, and cashews could sum it up easily. 

My moral hit rock bottom. 

By the time week 3 rolled around, and after a trip to my Mom's on Sunday, I was in better spirits. Full disclosure: she made bulalo. It is not vegan. It is not vegetarian. It is very carnivorous. It was also the end of a really bad week, so I ate it.  Furthermore, we were 'officially not dieting' on that day, and I had a brownie and drank some vodka. It was awesome. 

While at my Mom's I had a little revelation. I didn't really miss meat that much. Sure the beef in the bulalo tasted amazing, but I was much more interested in the warm potatoes and soft carrots that had been stewing in that sauce for so long. Yummmmmm 

So on Monday of week 3, I picked myself up and cooked the first vegan meal in a week that I was truly happy with. 

It's a Spanish style Quinoa Paella with guacamole and jalape├▒os on top. 

Oh my gosh this was so good, that my mouth is currently watering as a I type this at 9:34am.  The crunchy, charred bits of the 'paella' mixed with the smoothness of the guac plus the hits of spiciness from the bell peppers and chillies made a perfect combination. 

I was back at it and felt on top of the world! YEAH VEGAN LIFE! WOO! 

...and then came Tuesday. 

Tuesday was the day of my Septoplasty surgery which would finally fix my terrible sinuses. 

I had every intention of staying vegan or at least vegetarian during the healing time post operation. I wanted to keep this new lifestyle going regardless of whatever adversity faced me, but in this particular situation, I couldn't.

What was supposed to be a simple day surgery ended up being an over night stay due to my increasingly low blood pressure.  As the day progressed, my blood pressure kept getting lower and lower. At one point they even called the emergency doctors.  It was definitely a scary time. 
I knew that when I was discharged I had to do what I needed to do to get my levels back to normal. 

To us that meant getting off the diet and eating foods rich in iron and protein, especially whilst I was on antibiotics and pain medication. 

I'm still in the midst of recovering from surgery with about a week left to go til I'm fully healed. I'm confident that once I'm all healed up I'll be able to resume the vegan or at least vegetarian lifestyle.  

Fingers crossed!


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